1.  uk aid logo Empowering Youth for Employment and Enterprise (EYEE)vso logo

Goal: To empower youth to raise their voice for resilient livelihood”

Objective1: To build the capacities of partners and stakeholders in areas to social inclusion, social accountability, and resilience

Objective 2: To identify issues, barriers, and pathways for initiatives aimed at decent employment and resilient livelihood

Objective 3: To enhance awareness and agency of youth and another stakeholder on the need for policy advocacy on resilient livelihood

  • Design and launching of advocacy campaign using tools such as social media, a dedicated website and other tools for enhancing the outreach of networks to marginalized youth
  • The consultative meeting will be organized with the Youth networks especially women for a capacity appraisal on collaborative advocacy, resilience and Social accountability in Islamabad and Multan
  • Consultative meeting with the private sectors and government line department and key issues, problems, barriers, and pathways are identified for youth inclusion in private sectors and sensitization of office bearers on social accountability and SIG. In Islamabad and Multan
  • On basis of the consultative meetings, a youth network working on youth employability are either strengthened or formed and led by CSO having sound knowledge of volunteering, resilience, SIG and Social accountability and supported by desk reviews.
  • Policy dialogue on issues faced by Youth network, alliances at a provincial level involving elected representatives, government, networks, alliance CSOs, private sector at Islamabad and Multan
  • Building coordination with existing networks for initiation of dialogues on a Collaborative advocacy & lobbying plan on youth employability
  • Strengthening and building the capacity of networks to better advocate for social inclusion and hold decision-makers to account.

2. Finance for Development 4-ox_vl_c_rgb

The Finance for development project aims to address the Extreme Inequality and the widening gap between rich and the poor in Pakistan. The three year project is facilitated by Oxfam Novib and the Dutch Foreign Ministry under the theme of Finance for Development. In addition to Indus Consortium the implementing partners include Rise for Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Parliamentarian services and Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce. The project will be implemented in Punjab and Sindh Province.

The project LONG-TERM OUTCOME is “ More women, youth and other citizens’ benefit from just/ fair fiscal system which is not politically captured, resulted in tackling extreme inequality and allocation/ spending of more funds for essential services i.e., education, health & social protection”.  The main intervention in the project will include

  • Capacity building of grass root civil society organizations, journalists.
  • Orientation sessions to community, youth, parliamentarian and relevant government officials.
  • Development of district Shadow budget
  • Digital Campaigning
  • Development of Dedicated web portal for fiscal justice issues
  • Establishing Finance for Development Center
  • Theater and Film Festival