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  • Enhancing awareness of communities especially youth regarding rights related to food security and climate justice issue through  MOU’s with different universities; GROW festivals in three universities at Arid agriculture, BZU Multan and Punjab University, Lahore; Inter-faculty essay writing competition;
  • Tree plantation (One person One Tree)
  • Organizing Six district forums and One provincial forum of civil society to promote the agenda of advocacy at district and provincial level.
  • Building capacities of forums and community resource persons for gathering & sharing the CCA & FS related data through developing a Budget primer on climate change.
  • Institutional setup and plans to deal with food insecurity & climate change are established & implemented at district and provincial level in Punjab through Local Adaptation Plan of actions (LAPA) developed in all six districts and presentation of Draft recommendations on food security provincial ministry Punjab.

Women NICs and Voter Registration CampaignUWTGQ70K

Total Facilitation Target: 20714

Dist Target  District
 Badin 15069 Badin
Sijawal 5645
Total 20714 Sijawal

Project objective: To reduce the male-female voter deficit by reaching out to areas where women do not tend to register their NICs

Project Key Activities / Deliverables


  • Engagement and Mobilization with local influential and professionals for increasing women’s registration
  • Engagement with stakeholders for increasing Women’s NIC and Voter Registration
  • Listing of unregistered women
  • Door-to-Door visits
  • Community Meetings
  • Meetings with Community Leaders and Elders
  • Corner Meetings
  • Information Stalls
  • Sessions with Students
  • Public Forums
  • Information, Education and Communication Materials
  • Facilitation of Women for NIC Registration

Modes of Facilitation

  • Facilitating Women to Reach NADRA offices
  • Organizing NADRA Mobile Registration Vans (MRV)